Speed dating for college students

Reasen, who previously worked in the wellness space, said that while many vendors made software pitches, none had data to prove associated savings.“It is fascinating to know you’re ahead of the marketplace,” he said of Springbuk’s platform.Bible teachers from nine Mennonite high schools visited Hesston (Kan.) College and Bethel College (North Newton, Kan.) April 12 and 13.Hesston College Bible instructor Michele Hershberger devised an interesting method to introduce the Bible teachers to Hesston’s program.

They met with administrators and Bible faculty, attended classes and convocation and took campus tours.

She invited a group of students to share their Hesston Bible course experiences with the teachers in the format of speed dating.

The teachers made their way around the room with about three minutes to interview each student.

“We’ve had a very tough branding problem,” said Michael Cloran, a partner in the 50-person firm.

“We bring in all the knowledge from the other startups we have.” Cloran and business partner Ken Miller were eager to speak with executives, particularly those from big companies that might want to hatch an idea but need to validate it before going into development.

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