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In the federal lawsuit, employees and the owner of the coffee stand argued that the local laws violate their First Amendment right to free express, among others. This time, it’s the local archdiocese that is claiming the Metro is violating its constitutional rights.

The archdiocese wanted to buy space on the Metro for some Christmas themed ads. The archdiocese filed a federal lawsuit, arguing that the Metro’s refusal to run its ads “effectively silences any viewpoint that might challenge commercialism or consumerism or attempt to emphasize the religious reason for the season.” Oddly, an official charged with determining whether a prospective ad complies with Metro guidelines seemed to confirm that the archdiocese’s ad isn’t commercial enough for approval.

Well, first of all, if there were any “confrontations” over the content of the decal, those who confront the truck’s owner would be ...

that a Chicago public indecency ordinance that prohibits women from baring their breasts in public is constitutional.

ITAR bars people from providing technical how-to data to foreign individuals with respect to certain types of weapons.

The government’s position is that ITAR applies to Defense Distributed’s 3-D printer gun. District Court in Utah recently ruled that a movie theater has a First Amendment right to show the movie “Deadpool.” That alone, of course, is not newsworthy, and many people are likely wondering why that issue was even before a federal court in the first place.

According to the researcher who gathered the survey data, “The survey results establish with data what has been clear anecdotally to anyone who has been observing campus dynamics in recent years: Freedom of expression is deeply imperiled on U. campuses.” Not only are many college age students hostile to the principle of free speech for everyone, but an alarming number are clueless about the First Amendment. Everyone eagerly claims to have rights but what exactly are these rights? Then you are keeping up with this country’s majority.

The funds were donated to the Dickinson Harvey Relief Fund. They filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which ruled that the cake shop owner violated state law and ordered him to design and make cakes for same-sex weddings, attend a “re-education program,” and submit quarterly compliance reports with the Commission for two years.

As a condition of receiving any money from the Fund, recipients must agree to the following clause: “By executing this Agreement below, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.” The clause certainly appears to be a blatant violation of disaster relief seekers’ First Amendment rights. According to its Legal Director, Andre Segura, “The First Amendment protects Americans’ right ... The legal issue before the Supreme Court is: Whether apply Colorado ... New Orleans, LA – The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana has warned Louisiana schools that both forcing students to stand during the National Anthem and punishing those who “take a knee” violates students’ First Amendment rights.

That’s the fascinating question that has emerged after a company called Defense Distributed uploaded CAD files to the Internet on how to make such a gun with a 3-D printer.

The government promptly ordered that the files be removed from the Internet or face severe punishment under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”) law.

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