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Black men are guilty for 95% of all crimes and sins in the world (except for the creation of sickle cell disease and aids), but what makes the black male so sinister in his crimes is that he owns up and even languishes in his crimes we have come to characterise him by, these crimes include his absurd love for fast food chicken, gay European deep house music, True Religion Jeans, white women, DVD box sets of Top Gear and Obama hype.But never ever will the average black man admit to having at least masturbated once in his life.“Its not an easy job” he laments, I could get 10 years in jail for bootlegging my own porn movie or even selling porn illegally from hand to hand, it has to be strictly retailed in a reserved area such as a porn shop.” After a couple of disturbing “mmhhhs” and “ahhhs” from Tau’s corporate bodyguard to most everything Tau had to say, he then asks Tau if he has seen the article on the South African porn business in the copy of the Mail and Guardian I have on the table. “What about the other porn producers in South Africa, what do they think of your stuff?Feeling bullied I cut Tau short on his answer and ask him “Did you start Sondeza and Mapona as a business opportunity because you saw there was no black porn being made, thinking it would make a huge profit? To the surprise of anyone who has ever seen a porn film in their lives, has no cum shots. And by that I mean white porn producers.” I ask whilst looking at his bodyguard out of the corner of my eye like a jealous boyfriend with penis envy… 35 GB per day 27 GB per 25GB per day View full list here : Click here @3.49$/week Cast: Ice La Fox, Jazmin, Lanny Barbie, Megan Martinez These are hot Latin babes and they know how to have a good time.

Most black men say that they have never masturbated because they have such big cocks that they don’t need to wank. But a gay man once told me that, “black boys dont always have big dicks like everyone believes, it’s the Inuits who have big penises.But they also have cold hearts,” he added as an afterthought.Alas like all hidden truths and STDs, this was one herpes pimple that couldn’t be hidden with a scarf in the summer, because in 2008 an a porn site called, which showcases black amateur porn ,was born, and within the matter of a year and a half the site now has over a million hits and has spun off a full length feauture film called , which is a clear indication that “monkeys” do spank their monkeys.This little comical tangent may possess a shard of truth seeing that is sold out in most porn shops (even without the cum shots) and has even led men of stature and Godliness into its enticing morally suspect wet pussy grip.Tau tell’s me that a priest once called onto Khaya FM, a station which is generally only listened to by the likes of Jackie Selebi and Desmond Dube.

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We also want to show the real world, I mean how many people actually come on their partner’s face? She asks him, “is there are difference when black people make love and when white people make love?

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