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However, in-depth molecular clock studies utilizing this dataset have thus far been lacking.

Here, we present molecular clock analyses of the Philippe et al. Our results confirm previous molecular-clock estimates of an early-mid Neoproterozoic (Tonian; 1000–720 Ma) origin of crown-group Metazoa, before the onset of long-lasting global glaciations, the Sturtian and Marinoan “Snowball Earths” of the Cryogenian (720–635 Ma).

She is striving to make complex issues accessible, relevant and understandable to the readers.

‘I wan’t to show the big picture by telling “small” stories, often focusing on single persons’.

So far, thorough molecular clock studies focusing specifically on Metazoa as a whole have been based on relatively small datasets or incomplete representation of the main non-bilaterian lineages (such as sponges and ctenophores), which are fundamental for understanding early metazoan evolution.Astrid Rommetveit is a Journalist with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK.As a journalist, she specializes on weather and climate, committing herself to tell important stories to a broad public.Astrid Rommetveit was nominated for the Journalist Award on the basis of three recent articles published on the popular Norwegian websites and Yr is a cooperation between NRK and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and NRK has the full editorial responsibility.

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