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Discrepancies in the dating profile of your contact should be a major warning sign.According to the article "How To Tell If You Are Being Baited by a Catfish" on the website for Dr.Latoya Newman is a novelist who wrote and published her first novel in 2012.She has a background in education, research and counseling.2) Establish a relationship with a potential victim. Mary Leal said scammers, sometimes referred to as “catfish,” can be found around the globe.Phil Mc Graw, if the height-weight combination does not match, the contact claims to be from the Unites States even though the profile indicates another country, or -- after having done an Internet search -- you find that bits and pieces of this profile were copied from other dating sites, then there is a serious possibility your online interest is running a scam.Before you establish a relationship, it is important to know what your interest looks like.

Plans to meet in person may always be cancelled for one reason or another.With one in five relationships starting online, CBS 2’s Brad Edwards takes a closer look. “I see this Jack Jones, and he’s hot,” says Galster, of Antioch. This one was different, and he winked back.” Galster’s was a relationship born on in November 2012. “And voila — all of a sudden he needs financial help,” she said.It appeared he lived in Mc Henry County and Toni says he said all the right things. “I could feel my heart drop.” She has the actual time stamp of that online communication –- the exact point at which her heart broke. Schuster, of Evanston, says she constantly emailed her online match.Be very cautious of any online contact who requests that you send money.According to the post "Dating and Romance Scams" from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's website Scamwatch, some of the more common reasons scammers will cite when asking for cash include car repairs, a personal sickness or the medical bills for a relative, travel expenses related to visiting you or transfer fees needed to send you a particular amount of cash.

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