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The name originates from a Provisional Government decree dated April 17, 1917, and from early Soviet history, when both the Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks intended to associate their new law enforcement authority with the self-organization of the people and to distinguish it from the czarist police.The militsiya was reaffirmed on October 28 (November 10, according to the new style dating), 1917 under the official name of the Workers' and Peasants' Militsiya, in further contrast to what the Bolsheviks called the "bourgeois class protecting" police.The militsiya of an oblast (or other equivalent subnational entity) is usually headed by a general. Unlike in some other countries' police agencies, militsioners are not assigned permanent partners, but work alone or within larger groups.

Detectives (Russian: operativnik short for operativniy rabotnik) hold a rank of lieutenant at least and could be promoted to major or the lieutenant colonel. Militsiya personnel carry firearms, but are not permitted to carry their weapons when they are off duty.

Under the Patrol Police Service Regulations a designated police officer-driver is required to have a driver license and is not allowed to abandon the vehicle.

However, this refers only to fully marked police vehicles with emergency lights; detectives are allowed to drive civilian cars with are registered to the MVD, having white license plates (marked police vehicles have blue plates) with specific series (for example, o...vo, o...rr,,

The organizational structure, methods and traditions of the militsiya differ significantly from those of western police.

Militsiya as an organization consists of many functional departments, such as the GIBDD, a traffic police.

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Although such ministers are members of their respective countries' cabinet, they usually do not report to the prime minister and parliament, but only to the president.

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