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I can’t really tell you how long it’s been going on. Answer:the problem is almost certainly with the body octave pip.I use a Jody DV, Zonda reeds (3 or 4), and the Gardala tenor. Your G# is at the extreme range of that pip (D2 – G#2), and you can resolve the problem by replacing the pip with our Power Pips.If the mouthpiece tip opening controls “gain”, what does the reed strength do?

Answer:sure there are: the King Super 20, the SML, the Pierret, the Couf Superba I, the Buescher 400, the Conn 10M, the Leblanc, and lots of others……of these, the Pierret Super Artiste is my favorite Have a Conn Tenor New Wonder II with the nail file G# key.

Be careful about the pitch….you’ll need a large chamber mouthpiece to have any kind of chance of being in tune with the rest of the band.

Steve , I have a conn sax with a very low serial number 7128 , from what I can find out it is from early 1900′s .

Most of my venues are medium sized halls and or open air situations ( not street busking)Back to my question Steve, Which neck from your stable of necks, do you feel would enhance my sound.

Evolution copper or gold laquared type your latest version has caught my eye and ear!

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