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Additionally, Wyatt, along with his son Kurt and a number of trained instructors, teach numerous shooting classes as well as a three-day self-defense course. Unfortunately, for America that’s what Ben seemed to be looking for in a wife. Ben worried that the feelings “wouldn’t last a lifetime.” These are the ebbs and flows of The Bachelor.Below, Jesse gives his take on Ben’s big decision and whether he flubbed it, or not. She timidly knocked on Ben’s hotel room door and wanted him to give her a reason why he let her go.

Unfortunately, their traditional values and lack of alcohol consumption (after all, Ben is a wine maker) probably got in the way of his feelings for her.By Whitney Baker According to recent polls, twenty-three percent of females now own a gun — up from thirteen percent in 2005. You would imagine that, at first glance, Lindzi would be the runaway favorite.However, plenty of women are still fearful of this powerful weapon. A girl like Courtney, who chafes and bothers everyone she’s in the same room with, shouldn’t have made the cut.At the end of the episode, she was the one who was sent packing.Here’s this week’s Q&A commentary from Ann and Jesse Csincsak: Continue reading Welcome to Belize.

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